Glorious Glutes

Sometimes we choose function over form.  For example, as a mom of four kids, I have spent most of my adulthood driving a messy minivan. Other times we opt for form over function, like when we wear uncomfortable heels for a night out.  What I love is when form and function agree, as is theContinue reading “Glorious Glutes”

DIY Strength Training

Last week I told you that I would give you ideas on how to build a strength training plan. This information you can use now during the pandemic AND at the gym when it is open again, finally! To figure out what kind of a plan you can really adhere to, you need to carveContinue reading “DIY Strength Training”

Work out at home!

“What can I do to work out at home?” Even when Covid and closed gyms were not an issue, people often asked me this question. Many don’t enjoy the gym atmosphere, nor the expense of a membership, and they prefer the convenience of home. But these days, even if you are a full-on gym rat,Continue reading “Work out at home!”

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