Best Exercises to Build Strong Glutes

Last week I promised I would recommend the best exercises for glutes. We discussed how important it is to train your legs in all directions so that the gluteal muscles, which stabilize your hips, will be strong and balanced. Not only are these muscles essential for supporting your spine and preventing injury; glutes are the powerhouse of your legs, so you need great glutes to maximize your athletic performance.

You are probably doing leg machines at the gym, along with squats, and lunges. I am a huge fan of squats and lunges, but if you have not trained the glutes adequately to be the strong, dominant muscles they are supposed to be, then your leg exercises might be causing even more imbalance. In this post, I’m sharing the exercises you should focus on first so that your squats and lunges and leg presses do what they are supposed to do!

There are hundreds of wonderful leg/glute exercises, but these particular ones I advise you do frequently. If you love to lift heavy, you still should integrate these physical therapy-style exercises into your routine. You are only as strong as your pelvis is stable, and pelvic stability is all about great glutes!

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